How to Use a Brainstorming Worksheet in Your Health Journey

Monday Motivation

A brainstorming worksheet is a tool to use when focusing on your health journey goals.  It allows you to look at different categories where you can achieve success. The website has many free templates to help you begin the process.  While you can schedule 1-on-1 sessions with a coach or practitioner, you can also work through the exercise on your own.

A difficult part of your personal health journey is identifying the health goals you want to work on. The Brainstorming Worksheet is a simple tool to help you get started.  The struggle for most who want to begin this journey is simply starting.  Reflecting and completing a self assessment will help you focus on what your priority goals will be.

This Brainstorming Worksheet will assist you in identifying the goals that are important to you. Download this document or print it out. Name your goals in 5 domains; things you want to stop doing, things you want to do less of, things you want to keep doing, things you want to do more of and things you want to start doing. Fill in as many squares as you can without factoring in the cost or any other barrier at this time.  Think big.  Think small.

This worksheet allows you to see your thoughts on one grid and helps you begin the process of prioritizing what is important to you.  If the process seems overwhelming, pick one item from one column to begin with.

  • Name ONE goal category that you would like to focus on.
  • Pick ONE goal in that category.
  • Study it.
  • Research it. Reach out to a mentor if you need help on the topic.
  • Determine how much it will cost.
  • Outline a plan by writing it out.
  • Set a start date!

goal setting worksheet picture