So You Want To Have a Baby? Focus On Your Preconceptual Health Status.


preconceptual health information

We have a ‘Motherhood Monday’ request!  You all are getting very creative. One of our team members wants to get pregnant this year so she wanted a good website to get trusted preconceptual health information from. The March of Dimes has great information on how to prepare for this so be sure and visit our Resources Page for a link to this information.

Key things to remember:

    • The healthier you are before you conceive, the less risk factors you will have during your pregnancy..
    • Meet with your obstetrical clinician before you conceive so that you can review your and your partner’s personal and family history. There may be testing that needs to be done before you concieve or medication changes that need to be made.
    • Take a folic acid vitamin supplement of 400 micrograms each day to help prevent birth defects of the brain and spine in your baby. You can buy this vitamin over the counter.
    • Space your pregnancies out so that you have at least 18 months in between them.  This will allow your body to completely recover from the last pregnancy and then prepare for the next one.
    • Remember our discussion about BMI? You want to be as close to the normal weight range as possible before you get pregnant. This will help prevent many problems during your pregnancy such as diabetes and problems with your blood pressure.
    • Eat healthy foods and be active for 30 minutes every day.
    • Cut back or eliminate smoking, drinking or unprescribed drugs. If you have a substance use disorder, join a treatment program that is comfortable working with pregnant women so that your clinical team can work on a medication regimen that is safe to take while pregnant.

This is a good overall review for all of us as many of us are in positions where we have completed our families but we may be mentors to others who are just beginning their motherhood journey.  Things have changed over time so make sure your knowledge of the current preconceptual health recommendations are up to date!