The Changing Seasons of Life

The changing seasons of life will impact each woman differently. You may be about to embark on your college experience, a new relationship, ending a relationship or becoming an empty nester. Each of these will bring a new challenge to you.  Are you ready for your new adventure?

My youngest child is 22 and I moved her out of her college apartment this weekend. I can remember moving her into her college dorm 4 years ago and then crying as I drove back to my hometown. My husband thought we should be celebrating and here I was with tears streaming down my face.

We were officially empty nesters. Back to where we started. Now I could do whatever I wanted to do, whenever I wanted to. Right? Why was I so sad?

I was mourning the end of a great season of my life.

How many of you are transitioning to a different season of life? Everyone’s journey is so different. You could be raising your own child, someone else’s child, your parent, a fur baby or taking care of yourself. Maybe you decided to put your career on pause or decided to retire earlier than you had planned.

This past spring was stressful with all of the altered celebrations and milestones. This fall looks like it will be just as challenging. How did you do with all of the changes? Looking back, is there something you would have done differently?

The last week of July signaled the end of our summer for many years as my world revolved around the school calendar. I no longer have to look at the year through that lens.

So what does the rest of 2020 look like for you?

Are you working on the frontlines and considering a career change? Are you still trying to redefine what your new business model will look like? Did you lose your employment and still have no available options? Did your business flourish due to the recent events? What about your partner? Who else in your household has uncertain plans?

All of you will fall somewhere on this spectrum. If you are looking at new opportunities, keep your eyes wide open. Maybe it is time to take a deep dive into your personal skill set and redefine who you will become in this next year.

If you find that you need to pivot into a new career or path, the hardest thing about this whole process is giving yourself permission to do this. Guess what? You are allowed to do this.

Is it scary? YES!

Will it be hard? PROBABLY…

Will it be worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

We have a large group of friends who have all kind of life experiences. Would anyone like to share their story about how the changing seasons of life impacted you?   I would love to learn from your stories and know that some in this group need a hug and a little inspiration right now.