A male hunter and his hunting dog look into the sky searching for doves.

The Changing of the Seasons

I hope you had a great weekend. I love Labor Day Weekend due to the family traditions that we have developed over the years.  With the start of the school year and the anticipation of the usual things that happen at this time of year, this has always been a favorite time of year for me.


What memories does Labor Day Weekend hold for you? Is it just another weekend of work? Is it the last weekend that your neighborhood pool is open? Is this the last weekend at the beach or at the lake?


It is the end of one season and the beginning of the next.  The changing of the seasons is a great time to pause, reflect and redirect if necessary.


For my family, it is opening weekend for dove season in SC. The field preparation has occurred all summer. The gathering of old friends for the opening shoot is a day that my sons and husband look forward to all summer.


I find some shade and always have my camera ready to capture that special shot.


What occasions does your tribe look forward to?


The fall is rich in so many traditions. As you look ahead to the next four months what will you need to do to ensure that you can still make some great memories. If past years have been so busy that you have not been able to enjoy the cooler weather or see the leaves change, make a promise that you will do that this year.


Will you have to adjust how you do things?


Some of you will say yes and others will state that you are not going to change a thing. Either way is fine. You get to choose how, when and where you will carry out your work or family events. You get to choose who you will spend that time with.


Be mindful.


Think ahead.


Plan your activities.


Keep them simple.


2020 is the Year of the Staycation

It is Funday Monday! The week of July 4th is usually a relaxing time for most families as it is usually a short work week with fireworks, cookouts and maybe a long weekend.

COVID is disrupting normal summer travel plans with many vacation trips being cancelled.  We need look at alternative ways to enjoy the great outdoors this year. Better yet, with some preplanning, you may be able to do it in an inexpensive manner as well.

As with everything that has hit us these last 3-4 months, this week may be a bit subdued. Just because you cannot take your normal vacation does not mean you cannot dream about what you would like to do. Better yet, with some preplanning, you may be able to do it in an inexpensive manner as well.

Do we all agree?  2020 is the Year of the Staycation!

Begin researching what there is to do in your hometown, county, state and region. Even better, look for no-cost or low-cost forms of entertainment.

Since we need to factor in social distancing, I recommend looking at outdoor activities. Alltrails is a great website or app that lets you search by zip code, town, state, etc. I entered my zip code and it gave me a list of 68 places to go take a hike! 68!!!

Not every location will have that many options but it is a start. You can also search for your state or national parks in your areas.

Let’s start brainstorming how you can fit one into your plans. This is a great way to practice some self-care. Focusing on your mental health is so important right now and engaging with nature will help counteract depression and anxiety.

After you pencil in your destination, let’s plan your budget. Food? Housing? Transportation costs? Entry fees? If you can keep it to day trips or one night stays, even better!

Remember that you are not going to go into debt for these mini-trips. Plan your budget and when you have the money in hand to take your trip and can cover all costs, then away you go!

Visit our Resources page https://whoistakingcareofyou.com/resources/ for the Plan Your Trip Activity worksheet to help you begin the planning process.  

Happy Trails!

Woman daydreaming as she looks at a beautiful sunset.